Brussels workshop

The European Minerals Day Partners will be hosting a workshop during the European Week of Regions and Cities, which takes place between 9-12 October 2017 and which welcomes around 5000 stakeholders from local and regional administrations in Brussels to explore together how to build a better future for Europe.

The minerals sector plays an important role in regional development, providing direct and indirect jobs and sustaining livelihoods, notably in remote regions. It provides the needed materials for local housing and infrastructure as well as supplies the raw materials upon which the manufacturing industries depend. Through its sustainable, resource-efficient operations and stewardship for the environment and on safety, the sector is a key partner in building sustainable and resilient cities and regions.

The primary focus of this multi-stakeholder Workshop will be to further explore the raw material sector’s contribution to a sustainable and resilient Europe:

  • The importance of maintaining an integrated European value chain – from extraction, to manufacturing and finally downstream products
  • The opportunities in terms of growth and jobs
  • The value of this sector to local communities, particularly those located in rural areas
  • The challenges and solutions to ensure a minimal environmental impact
  • How the sector is working to develop innovative solutions to facilitate people’s everyday lives.

We look forward to welcoming representatives from regions and cities in both the Brussels workshop as well as to the pan-European open days.

The European Minerals Day falls under the auspices of the European Commission’s European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, which aims to enhance society’s understanding about Europe’s quarrying and mining industry and foster public acceptance and trust. The European Minerals Day is organised by the industrial minerals, gypsum, cement, salt, metals and mining sectors, as well as the European geological surveys and the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Minerals Resources. The majority of the quarries, mines and manufacturing plants represented under the umbrella of the European Minerals Day are currently located in Europe. They form an integral part of a European value chain, with 70% of EU manufacturing depending on minerals, metals and raw materials. The sector provides direct employment to around 1 million people across 30,000 active mines, quarries and plants. Its annual turnover is more than €150 billion. The European minerals sector plays an essential role in Europe’s growth and jobs agenda.