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Organise a local event

Thank you for your interest in organizing an event under the European Minerals Days. This initiative by the European minerals sectors is coordinated and promoted at European level and is uniquely branded. IMA-Europe, who acts as the EMD Secretariat, provides support to all the hosting sites and organisations.

As part of this European initiative, members and partners will be opening their doors to highlight whatever aspects of their operations they so choose.  Below you’ll find some helpful ways to think about the various events you can participate with.

Potential Event Formats

The first step in the event planning process is to decide on what to show visitors and how to share it with them.
• Facility Tour — the classic plant or mine tour where guests can learn about what you do, how minerals are processed and used, and how minerals impact their lives
• Reclamation Tour — a tour of an area or areas that your company has reclaimed to give visitors an idea of the lasting positive impact minerals extraction operations can have on their communities.
• Presentation — a live presentation, demonstration, or video followed by a question-and-answer session
• Roundtable — an open discussion about a designated topic
• Festival participation — in some communities with strong ties to the mining industry there might be opportunities to partner with existing festivals and events as representatives of the minerals industry.

Other typical activities may be: exhibition, school project, open days, safety workshops, fossil hunting, etc.

Potential Audiences

One of the goals of Minerals Days is to give hosts a chance to show visitors what present-day minerals extraction looks like. It is an opportunity to connect with and educate your communities.
• Friends & Family —invite the children, spouses, and other relations of company employees, as well as close friends
• Politicians — connect directly with elected officials at the local, state, and national level
• Current and Prospective Customers and Suppliers — make business connections
• Press — gain event and company publicity
• Students — inspire the next generation of skilled workers

The format and size of the event, and the chosen themes are entirely up to you. We however ask you to use the EMD logo and branded material and publish your event on this website. We offer multiple templates such as themed posters, roll ups, social media tools, etc. which can be downloaded in the filesharing area (see “resources for organisers”).


Please, fill in the form below to be registered as an Open Day organiser. Once your form has been validated, you will receive a login and password allowing you to access the organiser part of the website, in which you can upload and manage your events, and download all the necessary EMD promotion and support material.

Organiser Registration

You will be able to start posting your events once your invitation request is approved by European Minerals Day.

For any questions, contact: Amina Langedijk, EMD Lead Coordinator at IMA-Europe: