8 sectors partner up under the European Minerals Day 2015

This year, mineral raw materials companies from the industrial minerals, gypsum, cement, salt, metals and mining sector, as well as the European geological surveys and the research platform ETP SMR, partner up under this pan-European awareness raising initiative and organise local events throughout Europe on 25-27 September. They can count on the active support of many other stakeholders, such as the European Commission, European Parliament, unions, NGOs, geologists, universities, downstream sectors, national trade associations and institutions. Beside quarry and plant open days, synergies will be created with local and national stakeholders to organising mineral related educational activities and events.

On 25 September, the European Minerals Day will be officially launched at the Launch Ceremony taking place under the Luxembourg EU Presidency in Rumelange, on the Luxembourg/French border, welcoming Heads of State, members of the European Commission and Members of European Parliament.

From 7-11 December, the Partners will be organizing an exhibition in the European Parliament telling the story of the life cycle of mineral raw materials and illustrating their importance and contributions to our society.

Since its first edition in 2007, the event has allowed 100.000 visitors to explore the world of minerals and discover more about an industry that affects every aspect of our lives. The European Minerals Day 2013 alone engaged children and adults at 113 sites in more than 170 events in 20 European countries & 11 events in the rest of the world.

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