European Minerals Days 2013-2015 — European Minerals Day

European Minerals Days 2013-2015

2015 Open Days

Around 30.000 children and adults celebrated the 5th edition of the European Minerals Day on 25-27 September 2015 at their next door quarrying or mining operations, to explore the fascinating world of minerals and discover how essential they are to our daily life.

Overall, more than 200 events took place, organised by mineral raw materials producers and national geological surveys at around 150 sites – quarries, mines or plants – in 27 countries all over Europe, and beyond.

Through guided visits and other activities, visitors had the opportunity to learn more about today’s sustainable mining practices, from exploration, extraction, sorting and mineral processes, as well as the wide range of end-use applications and good environmental practices.

For a detailed summary of all activities held in 2013 per country, download the “country reports” accessible below.

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Rest of the World, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom

2013 Launch event & European Commission Support

In 2013, the European Commission chose the European Minerals Day (EMD) as a key channel for promoting the European Innovation Partnership Initiative. The European Minerals Day 2013 put particular focus on the key themes of the EIP including innovation and resource efficiency all along the value-chain. Companies demonstrated the integration of these key concepts in their mining operations during the Open Days.

In this regard we were honoured to welcome the European Commission Vice-President Tajani to the EMD Launch Event at the Vipiteno mining operations in Italy on 23-24 May 2013.

The event consisted of an official Opening Ceremony welcoming the key stakeholders preceded by a visit of the underground mining operations at the Omya Kristalline Mine and calcium carbonate processing plant.

The modern plant is a good showcase for resource efficiency and sustainability, making use of state of the art technologies and high tech equipment in mining and processing, whereby the extraction activities, as well as the transportation, happens underground to limit visual and environmental impact as well as disturbance to the local community.


2013 European Parliament Exhibition

The exhibition entitled “The European minerals sector – an essential, innovative industry, throughout the value chain”, took place from 6-8 May, with a successful launch event on 7 May welcoming more than 150 people, as well as several satellite events on 13 & 16 May 2013 welcoming altogether more than 500 visitors.

The exhibition was unique and tailor made, telling the story of sustainable mineral extraction, leading the visitor along the exploration, extraction, processing, end-use, and recycling stages, thereby incorporating all sectors and stakeholders partnering up under the EMD 2013 (mining, industrial minerals, salt, cement, metals, geological surveys, FP7 research projects and European technical platforms on sustainable mineral resources).

The exhibition was kindly sponsored by MEP Panayotov and co-hosted by MEPs Rübig, Leinen, Szymanski and Helmer. It also received the active support from the European Commission, Member States, unions, NGOs, and industry.